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Is it discreet?

Yes it is! We offer a private service and we are 100% discreet. Your personal information like your name or e-mail address are kept confidential and will never be shared.

What is even more, when you decide to become a paying Premium or VIP member, mynaughtyfriend.com won't even show up on your bank or credit card statement.

What is on the site?

On mynaughtyfriend.com you will find a variety of open minded people. Some want to meet and have fun, others just want to make new friends whilst some prefer more naughty experiences. One thing is sure and that is that you won't get bored!

On top of a great experience we also have a rock-solid support team which will make your membership even more enjoyable and secure.

What´s a VIP user?

VIP´s are our awesome & highly appreciated users who support the community financially by means of a paid membership.

VIP membership gives you access to some of the additional site features. It also gives more visibility to your profile and puts you at the top of the searches. Being a VIP lets you get in touch with all the site members and you can send unlimited messages.

Will I Get Spam?

No you won't! We will only send you emails if there's anything new on your profile like someone who wants to get in touch, our weekly newsletter or if there is an important announcement.

We use a SenderScore certified system and you can opt out of emails at anytime or simply adjust the frequency by personalising your settings in your member profile.

Is it free to join?

Yes it is absolutely free to sign up and become a member of the site. As a basic member you can browse members, use the forums, write your own blog or use one of our many live chat rooms.

If you like what you see then you can always become a Premium or VIP member at a later date to get more features.

And of course you can cancel your membership whenever you want, at any time without any funy business.

How Do I Start?

That is the easy part. All you have to do is register for your free basic membership on our sign up page, fill out some details about what you are looking for on your profile and you are good to go.

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